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We have a large selection of handmade cupcakes options to choose from in our online store, made fresh with locally sourced ingredients. Until our full online store is completed we will be taking orders through the contact from below the menu.

Cupcakes Menu


Light fluffy cupcakes with decorative frosting.

£2.50 each

Flavour options

chocolate caramel
chocolate orange
chocolate berrie
chocolate peppermint
rose vanilla
lavender vanilla
yasmin vanilla
pistacio and raspberrie
lemon thyme
lemon poppyseed
coffee walnut

Add ons

Gooey center +£0.50p per cupcake
A gooey middle addition to compliment flavour of sponge, chocolate
ganache , home made jam, caramel or fruit curd.
Edible gold +0.25p per cupcake
Edible Flowers +0.15p per cupcake
Sugar craft Flowers +£1.00 per cupcake

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